“One of things that I like most about corporate work is that I’m able to take what are often complex, theoretical concepts in psychology and discuss them in a way so that people are able to understand and benefit from them practically- its ‘psychology in action’ and its an area I love!”

“The study of Psychology is in my opinion the most wonderful, exciting field to work in because it seeks to shed light on every aspect of how we understand, behave in and interpret the world around us.”


“My research as an academic and my experiences as a clinician always inform my written work, regardless of whether its for professional or popular publications.”


“Whether I am writing academic books or self-help books the focus is always on making behavioral science interesting and accessible.”


“My podcasts allow me to answer questions from people that don’t have access to me directly – its a great tool for sharing with people.”


“The way you feel inevitably has an effect on the way you look, that is what makes the field of Psychodermatology so fascinating and full of potential.”