Dr Linda was the contributing editor and resident psychologist at Cosmopolitan magazine for over 15 years and much of her column advice continues to be syndicated around the world.

She also writes psychology and life style features for, and is also regularly quoted in, various national newspapers supplements and magazines:

The New Day columns

Having more and better sex (28/04/2016)

Dealing with your rude work colleague (21/04/2016)

What Makes Us Happy (14/04/2016)

The connection between body and mind (07/04/2016)

The impact of divorce on men (31/03/2016)

The Psychology behind breaking the glass ceiling (24/03/2016)


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Lectures, interviews and tips from Dr. Linda on understanding behaviour and using psychological principles to become a happier, healthier you.

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5 Minutes with DR. Linda is a series of Podcasts that focus on a variety of social and emotional issues and provides tips on how best to cope.

Not in a way that will take you months to cope with but in a way that within in the next few minutes you’ll understand your problem better, and you’ll have a step-by-step guide on how to attack it.